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Not So Strange Brew

It seemed right to make the Libations part of the blog a little laid back. Along those lines David and I thought it would be fun to simply  review a beer or cocktail that we’d never tried before. We might also write about alcohol related projects that we are working on. David is working on a new batch of Limoncello and in theory I am going to brew some beer. I got a great starter kit for Christmas and went through all of the weird tubes and buckets back in January, but never got any further. I even watched a good chunk of the instructional video put together by the fine folks at Midwest Brewing Supplies. I hope to be further along next time we blog about drinking.

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Beer review: Sawtooth Ale

This week’s random beer selection is Sawtooth Ale, made by Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colorado.  Sawtooth is a nice ale – not too heavy, but with enough body to be interesting.  It’s also light enough to complement foods without being intrusive.  It’s a relatively medium-bodied ale, with solid amber coloring.  This isn’t a beer that you pull out to impress people, but it is a beer that you will keep coming back to.  Sawtooth strikes me as an excellent beer for drinking with snacks while watching a blow-em-up action flick when you really need to relax after a long workday.  I liked it, and will pick up more six-packs in the future.

Drinks Week #1: Limoncello

For the inaugural week of the libations section of the blog, I decided to post my ongoing experiments with making limoncello from scratch.  In case you’re not familiar with it, limoncello is an Italian liquor made from lemon zest, a clear alcohol, and sugar water.  I’ve been making batches for about four years now, and have tried lots of variations.  It’s great in the heat of the summer – like drinking essence of lemon.

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The Nostalgia Bomb

The year is 1984 and I am 14 years old. On a typical Friday night I put on my Member’s Only jacket and if I am lucky someone gives me a ride to the Putt Putt Golf and Games in Altus, OK. They have a cool new Star Wars game that you can play sitting down and shoot your way through to destroy the Deathstar. The graphics were totally rad. I never got very good at the Star Wars game (I was more of a Joust or Centipede player), but I put a lot of quarters into that machine trying to get better.When Saturday roles around I will try and hook up with some friends to play some D&D or maybe I’ll watch Beastmaster on HBO for the 36th time. Read More…

Reading Week #1: ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One US edition

Ernest Cline‘s Ready Player One is a celebration of the nerd/geek pop culture of the late 70s and 80s, wrapping a classic quest story in the elements of that era’s videogame, movie and television highlights.  The basic storyline should be instantly familiar to everyone – an inventor has hidden away all of his secrets, and to obtain them you must solve ingenius riddles while battling incredibly powerful foes.  Win through to the end, and you’ll be rewarded with all the money, power, and cool toys that you could ever hope to gain.  Toss into the mix a love story and a cinderella story, and you’ve got the basic outline of Ready Player One.

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One Twenty-Ate

For our first restaurant blog, David and I chose the 128 café. I know that David has eaten here on several occasions, but for me this was only my second visit. I’m not sure why I don’t get over there more often. Hopefully this is something I can change in the future. We left the kids at home for this outing and made it a night out for the grown-ups in honor of St. Valentine’s Day. In a nutshell 128 Cafe is a small restaurant with great food and great service. They change their menu often to match the seasons and back that up with some stock items that they always serve. We started our meal with some appetizers. I was drawn to the Saffron Risotto , but they are known for their Roasted Garlic and I couldn’t decide. We solved this dilemma by ordering both of them. Read More…

Eating Week #1: 128 Café

To begin the Eating segment of the blog, we decided to visit an old favorite: 128 Café in Saint Paul.  128 Café is a small restaurant housed in the basement of an apartment building.  Their menu can be described as comfort food with a dash of elegance.  I’ve eaten there more than a dozen times, and never been disappointed.  The prices are a bit more than we can afford to spend regularly, but just right for a special dinner out.

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