A ‘Beauty’ Guest Review

A short review of the 3D version of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by guest reviewer Alia:

It’s been a while since I watched Beauty and the Beast, so it is kind of hard to compare the new version to the old. I liked the 3D effects, although they weren’t very noticeable. As a story, I liked the movie a lot. Belle is a great character, and I can relate to her. The plotline is good. Also, I like the theme song, as well as some of the others, such as Belle, Be Our Guest, and Something There. The last point is that I quite liked the credit images. They were one of the best 3D parts. Altogether, it was a very good movie.


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One response to “A ‘Beauty’ Guest Review”

  1. The Hook says :

    Nice guest post!
    I loved this flick as well!

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