Not So Strange Brew

It seemed right to make the Libations part of the blog a little laid back. Along those lines David and I thought it would be fun to simply  review a beer or cocktail that we’d never tried before. We might also write about alcohol related projects that we are working on. David is working on a new batch of Limoncello and in theory I am going to brew some beer. I got a great starter kit for Christmas and went through all of the weird tubes and buckets back in January, but never got any further. I even watched a good chunk of the instructional video put together by the fine folks at Midwest Brewing Supplies. I hope to be further along next time we blog about drinking.

To choose the beer we reviewed this time I let chance decide. I asked Kira to randomly choose a beer she hadn’t seen around the house before. I couldn’t really lose because if she bought something I had already tried I would just end up with extra beer. She came home with Sawtooth Ale from Lefthand Brewing Co. I’ve had some of their brews before and liked them, but I couldn’t recall ever having the Sawtooth. As luck would have it this was a new beer to David as well.

So last week I headed over to David’s with a six-pack of Sawtooth Ale and we drank two each. One to get a feel for the flavor and the other one to see how well it washed down the popcorn. I suppose the best way to put it was that the beer tasted as I expected it to. It was an amber ale with not much body. The first sip had good flavor, but overall there just wasn’t much there. It worked well with the salty popcorn and would probably be excellent on a hot summer day, but this was a cold night in February. I tried it again a few days later with dinner and it didn’t hold up against the flavors of the salmon we were eating. Despite my description I could see getting this beer again if I’m in the mood for something simple.



2 responses to “Not So Strange Brew”

  1. happinessafterheartache says :

    Great review, thank you! We don’t drink anywhere near as much as we used to so we like to make our beer choices worthwhile. At our local Wegmans it’s awesome because they let you “make your own six-pack” with any six different beers from their “beer wall”. This one at least sounds worth trying! I often choose my beers based on the picture on the label – animals being a favorite of mine – but it usually works out so Tim lets it continue! LOL

    • 5xmike says :

      Sounds like as good a way of picking beer as any. We have a couple places here that let you do that too. Maybe David and I will do that one month and do some side by side comparisons.

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