Beer and a Movie

I think David and I have stumbled on the formula for our blogging project in 2013. When we were figuring out this blog we agreed that week 5 of 5×2 would be devoted to beverages of the adult variety. To make things simple we (and by we I mean David) came up with the idea of tasting a new-to-Mike-and-David beer every time and writing a short review. Both times we have used this as an excuse to watch a movie  related to one of our upcoming movie reviews. With the Avengers coming soon to a theater near us we decided to watch Captain America. We had both seen it before, but I was looking forward to seeing it in David’s home theater with Blu-Ray and surround sound. [Interesting Fact: I tried to get an image of Cap drinking a beer to put in this post, but Captain America has kept a very clean public image. If such a picture exists I couldn’t find it.] The movie was fun; who doesn’t enjoy seeing the little guy become a hero and seeing Nazis get beat up?

But this is supposed to be about the beer. For our second beer David picked Obsidian Stout from Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. I think it is fair to say that I liked this beer as soon as I started pouring it. It is a dark rich beer that lives up to its name. I quickly took a sip and was not disappointed. Like most stouts this beer has a great roasted malt flavor that I enjoy. It wasn’t too bitter, but had a little bite that mellowed as the beer reached room temperature. We had some popcorn with our beer and while I enjoyed the buttered popcorn made without a microwave I was wishing for a big bowl of stew or chili to go with this beer. We have had an abnormally warm Minnesota spring, but I have something to look forward to in the fall when I can sit down to a hearty meal and an Obsidian Stout.


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