Beer Review: Obsidian Stout

This week’s random beer selection is Obsidian Stout, made by Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon.  This stout is a rich, dark brew, with lots of flavor.  I’m fond of dark stouts, especially if there’s notes of coffee and chocolate.  This beer certainly fits the bill – those are present, although on the subtle side.  While much thicker and richer than our last random selection, the Sawtooth Ale, this beer isn’t too heavy (at least in my opinion).  I usually like my beers on the cold side, but the flavors in the Obsidian Stout come through better when it is only cool, rather than cold.  Mike and I sampled the stout while watching a movie, and the beer improved as the movie went on.  (Of course, I’ve found that for most beers, the first beer often makes the second beer taste better, which helps with the third beer, and so on until it really doesn’t matter what the beer tastes like.)  However, once it gets to room temperature, it’s a bit too bitter for my taste.  While this wasn’t my perfect stout, it was nice enough that I’m likely to pick up more of it when I’m in the mood for a dark beer.


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