‘The Hunger Games’ Guest Review

A guest review by Alia, after watching ‘The Hunger Games’ with her family and the Donnellys.

Altogether I did enjoy The Hunger Games. It was well done, and I’ve seen a lot worse adaptations of books into movies. I do have a few complaints, though. The first is that they did the mockingjay pin wrong. They showed the mockingjay holding an arrow in its beak, which is not how it is described in the books (although it is drawn that way on the cover of the first book). It’s minor, but it irritates me that they got the symbol of the whole series wrong. Not only that, but the whole internet appears to have forgotten. The movie was fairly long, but it felt slightly compressed. Parts of the movie were definitely shortened, such as the training scene and the part where Katniss was searching for water. I can understand why they did that (it’s kind of boring watching someone become dehydrated, not much action), but it made the movie to me feel slightly rushed. One other complaint was that it was impossible to tell what was going on in the battle scenes, although it was realistic.

There were plenty of things that I liked about it too, though. First is that I really enjoyed seeing it from the perspective of the Gamemakers, which was not in the books. It was a good way of providing information about the Games to the viewers, because in the books Katniss is often narrating, which would be very difficult to show on screen. Their technology is cool, even if it isn’t very realistic (I want something that can make big angry wolves out of thin air!). I also am happy with Seneca Crane. He was a very interesting character that you didn’t see much of (if at all) in the books, and was portrayed very well. One of my favorite scenes from the movie was when he was locked in a room with the nightlock berries. Is it strange that I enjoy that scene? All of the characters were well done, even if they weren’t entirely how I pictured them. I particularly enjoyed Rue, Haymitch, Clove, Cato, and Effie.

Altogether a movie that I liked, and I would definitely watch it again. I would recommend it, except that I think pretty much everyone has already seen it. If not though, I recommend it. Although it wasn’t perfect, it was better than I feared it might turn out when I first heard that they were making it into a movie.


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