Hunger Games, Another Guest Review

A guest review by Melanie.

After devouring the first two books of the Hunger Games saga -and nibbling on the third- I was pretty excited for the release of the movie adaptation. My friends and I laughed at and applauded the casting choices months in advance. I even tried to convince my parental units to let me see the midnight release of it. However, I ended up having far better things to do that weekend, and I instead saw the film with my family and the Kirkpatricks the following week. But there was a catch…..(ing Fire).

I was told that unless I wrote up a review, I would be forced to purchase my own ticket to the Hunger Games film.


-While I certainly enjoyed the movie, I don’t believe it would be worth the ten dollars out of my meager teenage pocket. That being said, I must express my admiration for the film-makers. Before seeing it in movie form, I wouldn’t have said that the Hunger Games was a difficult story to depict visually. Now I can only be impressed by the creativity that went into capturing the suspense of the book.

As with any film adaptation, The Hunger Games had several discrepancies from the book. However, unlike some adaptations (*cough* percyjackson *cough*), these changes from the original story didn’t detract from the story at all. Some of them even enhanced it. A good majority of the book is Katniss’ inner monologuing and explaining the more strategical aspects of the Games. The way that the filmmakers interpreted this was to add a new facet to the story: President Snow, Seneca Crane and the Gamemakers’ construction and manipulation of the Games. In the book, the Games are an enclosed system: all narration occurs from with them; without omniscience. Normally it wouldn’t be a good idea to break out of this style, in terms of pleasing fans of the books. However, the filmmakers managed to incorporate it in an elegant and loyal-to-the-story way which allowed those who hadn’t read the books to gain a further understanding, and those who had read them to see what they wanted.

Overall, I’d say that I was pleasantly surprised with how this movie turned out. There were definitely some stronger parts and some details left out, but all things considered, I enjoyed it, and I really really liked the way the Gamemakers were incorporated. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie again once it’s out on DVD, and even more excited for the next installment!


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