Where’s My Spoon?

This review is going to be difficult for me to write because I don’t know what I was eating when we went to Fasika, an Ethiopian restaurant in Saint Paul. I can describe the dishes, but it is an odd feeling to not know the name of the thing you are eating. Here is what I do know. For not a lot of money you can get a huge meal of tasty food.

Also you have to eat with your hands.

There are no utensils at Fasika. You eat your meal by picking up the food with a spongy flat bread called Injera. With our Injera we enjoyed three different items from the menu and hopefully David can fill you in on what they were. I will call them something-tasty-with-catfish, something-tasty-without-meat, and something-spicy-with-lamb. The spices were similar between the three, but each had a distinct flavor. The catfish was the most savory and probably the favorite of the others based on how quickly it disappeared. The vegetarian dish had great flavor, but the best dish to me was the lamb. It wasn’t really about the meat. There was only a few pieces of lamb in the dish they set down, but the sauce had a smokey flavor and it packed a kick. The best way to describe it is a cross between barbeque sauce and a rich, spicy curry. I loved it. I admit it. I ate more than my share of the lamb dish, but I just couldn’t stop myself.

We have eaten at Fasika a couple of times with David and his wife, but I do a poor job of remembering how good it is.

I do remember the important things. With the meal I had a very interesting beer , a Hakim Stout. While it didn’t have quite as much flavor as I hoped it was quite dark and went with the meal very well.



2 responses to “Where’s My Spoon?”

  1. Janet Koplos says :

    Did you have to sit on low stools with your knees in the air around a tiny table? That’s how it was at an Ethiopian restaurant that I once went to in NYC.

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