I’ll Have a Beer with Everything

Our beer review this time around is 1554 from New Belgium Brewing. They are probably best known for Fat Tire amber Ale, but I didn’t make that connection when I was picking out a beer. It looked interesting and I had never tried an Enlightened Ale before.

Continuing our tradition, David and I met up for a beer at his house and watched a movie on his great entertainment center. We’ve been doing mostly Comic Book movies and I think we were both in the mood from something different. Some ideas were tossed around, but in the end we decided to watch a western – sort of. The film was a first for me, but a favorite of David’s. I enjoyed it quite a bit and we have plans to talk about it in the future, but tonight I am here to talk about beer.

1554 is a dark beer with great flavor. It had a great pour and good first sip. There was a hint of sour that comes with a dark beer, but it didn’t have quite the bite that the Obsidian Stout we had last time. It was a fine beer, but if I am looking for a dark brew I will probably go with something else. [Edit: I just read David’s review and he is absolutely correct, this makes a great in between beer. I think I was hoping for something richer and didn’t get what I was expecting.] One bonus was that while visiting the brewers website I found a link to a recipe that uses the beer to make a caramel sauce and I can definitely see that working. The beer has enough flavor to make the sauce interesting, but isn’t too bitter.


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3 responses to “I’ll Have a Beer with Everything”

  1. Rob Coleman says :

    Now I totally know what I’ve got to do for next weekend. The gauntlet has been thrown. The six pack of Corona in the fridge is not going to cut it. I’ll have to show you local flavor. Crap.

  2. The Hook says :

    I REALLY wish I drank…

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