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Cooking Week #6: Butter Chicken

It was Mike’s turn to cook, and he turned to a perennial favorite – Butter Chicken.  Mike is on a mission to cook Butter Chicken using every recipe or mix that he can find.  He’d finally gotten hold of a recipe from a favorite restaurant when he was in the Far East.  Was it as good as he remembered?  Time to find out!

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Butter Chicken – This Time It’s For Real

Before I started Blogging here at 5×2 I had another blog called the Mike/Mitch project. There was a lot of cooking and it was fun, but the cooking really started with my quest to replicate Moti’s butter chicken, otherwise known as the Butter Chicken Battle. It has been a while since my last attempt, but not too long ago I got my hands on a copy of the recipe the Moti’s cookbook. A friend of mine from Tokyo promised it too me early on in my quest and he was finally able to get it translated from Japanese. As you can imagine I was pretty excited to try it out. Read More…

Drinking Week #5: Vanilla Rum, Part 2

In the last Drinking Week post, I described the first steps in making Vanilla Rum.  This week, I’ll finish up the process.

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Beer Review: Cerveza Pacifico Clara

This week’s beer was a Mexican import – Cerveza Pacifico Clara.  It’s a very light Pilsner style with a lot of similarity to Corona, the Mexican beer seen more widely around here.  In taste, Pacifico is a bit heavier and has a bit more depth to it than Corona, although both are on the watery end of the spectrum.  Pacifico was an appropriate accompaniment to our movie, and the salsa that I made up for movie night.  I liked the beer well enough, and would rank it slightly ahead of Corona.  It’s best consumed cold – I found it has a bit of an aftertaste that I didn’t care for, once it gets to room temperature (although room temperature is quite a bit hotter than normal right now in Minnesota!).  All in all, an okay beer, especially when served very cold along with spicy food.

Rosencrantz and Ensign Ricky Are Dead

Last year David and I were lucky enough to hear one of my favorite authors read an excerpt from a forthcoming  untitled book. He told us that we were not allowed to tell anyone about the project and I got that geek thrill of being one of the few instead of the many. What we heard is the prologue to John Scalzi’s bestselling book, Redshirts. The prologue is an away mission encounter on a “typical science fiction show” from the point of view of the red-shirted security officer, who is killed at the end of the prologue. [Warning: I don’t think anyone finding this post will mind any spoilers so I don’t intend to warn you ahead of time. Based on current readership either you have already read the book or you probably never are going to.] Read More…

Reading Week #5: ‘Redshirts’ by John Scalzi

Hello.  Thank you all for attending on such short notice.  I’m sure you’re all extremely busy preparing for the maiden voyage, but a matter has arisen that directly affects the Security Division, especially Ensigns such as yourselves.  We are establishing a new set of guidelines, and you are one of the groups that will be most impacted by the changes.  While it is highly unusual for a Rear Admiral to address a group of Ensigns, the nature of the situation we may be facing makes it imperative that you understand the gravity of the changes we are instituting.

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Reading Week #5 Prologue: The ‘Redshirts’ Away Mission

So We Went on an Away Mission, Looking for Missing Redshirts – –

            – – Luckily, and perhaps a bit amazingly, no one was killed!

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