Beer Review: Cerveza Pacifico Clara

This week’s beer was a Mexican import – Cerveza Pacifico Clara.  It’s a very light Pilsner style with a lot of similarity to Corona, the Mexican beer seen more widely around here.  In taste, Pacifico is a bit heavier and has a bit more depth to it than Corona, although both are on the watery end of the spectrum.  Pacifico was an appropriate accompaniment to our movie, and the salsa that I made up for movie night.  I liked the beer well enough, and would rank it slightly ahead of Corona.  It’s best consumed cold – I found it has a bit of an aftertaste that I didn’t care for, once it gets to room temperature (although room temperature is quite a bit hotter than normal right now in Minnesota!).  All in all, an okay beer, especially when served very cold along with spicy food.


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