Cooking Week #6: Butter Chicken

It was Mike’s turn to cook, and he turned to a perennial favorite – Butter Chicken.  Mike is on a mission to cook Butter Chicken using every recipe or mix that he can find.  He’d finally gotten hold of a recipe from a favorite restaurant when he was in the Far East.  Was it as good as he remembered?  Time to find out!

We headed over to his house with some beer and some Salsa, using my favorite summer recipe.  I’ve posted my salsa recipe before – it’s a favorite and I make it a lot (we have eight tomato plants this year in the garden).

When we arrived, Mike was in the middle of sauce-making.  He’d prepared some tandoori chicken for the Butter Chicken, and everything was beginning to smell wonderful.  Mike continued to make the dish while we snacked on the Salsa and chips.

The Butter Chicken was served up on a bed of white rice.  Not much else is needed for Butter Chicken!  We’ve had Butter Chicken at Mike’s before, and we make it fairly frequently at our house.  In comparison to most of the recipes that we’ve had, this version came out near the top.  It was on the mild side for Butter Chicken – not very spicy hot.  The blend of spices was well-done, in my opinion.  Mike complained of a bit too much cinnamon and cardamom, but I didn’t notice it.  In the end I’d rank this recipe near the top – not quite as nice as the Shan mix, but ahead of the Taste of India mix.  Definitely a version I’d eat again, and I may try my own hand at the recipe when I have the time…


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