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Urban Historical Hardboiled Fantasy in Boston

I picked Thieftaker for reviewing because it kept showing up on my radar and I figured that I was meant to read it.  I am not sure I would have normally been drawn to the title, but I think I came across four different reviews in the same week  just through my normal internet surfing and book browsing. Kudos to the Tor marketing team. It didn’t feel like marketing, but that kind of exposure could not have been a coincidence. I usually prefer my fantasy to be more epic and less urban, but all of the reviews I saw were good and the more I learned the more interested I became.

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Restaurant Montage

Recently I was lucky enough to take a road trip to the west coast with my daughters. As with most vacations once you are in the middle of everything it becomes clear that the trip is really about one thing – where is the next meal coming from. We were lucky enough to stay with friends in places and they would help with this problem, but for much of this trip we were on the road. In our search for nourishment we ate fast food, fine food, and forgettable food. Here are a few of that not so forgettable places.

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Movie Week #6: The Dark Knight Rises

Another of the most anticipated movies of the 2012 summer season is the final film in the current Batman trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises.  It was high on our must-see movies, but unfortunately time and travel constraints meant that Mike and I didn’t manage to find a common time to go see it.  I took in a matinee showing, and didn’t spring for the ‘Imax-lite’  that our local theater offers.  My thoughts on the flic after the jump… Read More…