I’d have tried to make the Eggplant Boats

Which is proof (if it was needed) that David is smarter than I am.

David made a truly tasty dish from Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen Cookbook called Eggplant Bayou Teche. For the full details on cooking this dish you can read David’s account.

When he first showed me the recipe (as he was preparing it) I saw that it called for carving out the Eggplant into little canoes or pirogues as they are called on the bayou. I probably would have driven myself crazy trying to carve out the eggplant while David realized he could get the same flavor combination without having to stuff the delicious crab and shrimp meat into an actual eggplant boat. The medallions that he made in place of the pirogues worked great and actually meant you got more of the tasty fried breading on the outside of the eggplant.

I enjoyed this dish immensely and ate a huge second portion to show my appreciation. The sauce for the shrimp didn’t have the heat I was expecting when I heard Cajun, but it had flavor to spare. I think the cream helped to cover up the cayenne and pepper. I am a big fan of Cajun spices and of cream so it worked quite well for me. I will be stealing the recipe from David (without canoes) so I can make this for myself.

My contribution to the meal was a cranberry pecan salad recipe that I found and wanted to try. I am still searching for the secret to a good vinaigrette and this one uses Raspberry Vinegar. I’ve made this salad twice since we had dinner with the Kirkpatrick’s, but the roasted pecans and cranberries sort of steal the show so it is hard to tell if the Raspberry Vinaigrette is the one I am searching for. The recipe is pretty easy and I think made for a memorable side dish to even this great shrimp and crab creation.


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