The Best Butter Chicken in the World



We went and saw quite a bit today, but jet lag has set in again and I can’t remember any of it. I was tempted to wait until morning to add my next post, but I had to share my butter chicken bliss. I have described Moti butter chicken to the best of my abilities in other posts while recounting my journey to try and recreate my favorite Indian dish. It a has just a bit of spicy heat and an amazingly creamy and buttery sauce with a little something I don’t seem to be able to capture at home. All I can think to add is that it is as delicious as I remember.


4 responses to “The Best Butter Chicken in the World”

  1. Patti says :

    At last! At last! The real Butter Chicken at Last! Thank God Almighty Butter Chicken at last!

  2. chrisf325 says :

    Ah yes, the holy grail of Butter Chicken. I have a business idea for you. You purchase Moti’s Butter Chicken recipe for undisclosed amount of yen and distribute it globally and make millions of USD. Should be easy.

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