It is a Star Calpis Day

Today started off with a quick breakfast at Mister Donut. What could be Japanese about donuts? I’m glad you asked. Along with the normal round creme-filled and cake donuts there was a star shaped donut called a Star Calpis donut. Calpis is a popular yogurt based soda in Tokyo and I remember drinking it in my youth. I also remember that it wasn’t exactly my favorite flavor. I think everyone in the family was intrigued so we ordered one. Melanie in particular wanted to try it, but only after I took a bite and declared it not gross. It was very sweet and pretty tasty. It tasted like a bubble gum donut with vanilla yogurt instead of creme in the middle.

After breakfast we took a quick subway ride over to Akihabara or just Akiba if you are hip. This is sort of the electronics center of Japan and in addition to being an interesting place to visit Sarah needed a new camera. We got there and after finding our bearings made our way to a huge 9 story electronics store. Everything looked cool and new-fangled. Also, we were all glad to be inside with some air conditioning.

Oh yeah, did I mention it is hot today. It has been warm ever since we arrived, but the sun is beating down today. More than 5 minutes out of the shade is quite punishing.

We walked around the store for a while, the energy from our donuts waning not too long after we found the disappointing camera department. I should say disappointing for us. They had some amazing cameras, but they were more a bit pricey. After all of the shopping yesterday at Tokyo Hands the natives were a bit restless with just wandering around in another store. (Translation – Michael was bored and didn’t care who knew it). We decided to find some more interesting places and wandered back out into the heat. We found a store with some great souvenirs and another shop selling a wider selection of inexpensive cameras. Sarah picked up the a small camera for under 10,000 yen.

I have a theory that any trip is all really focused on finding the next meal. After our shopping was finished it was time for lunch. We dithered quite a bit trying to figure out where we should eat and ended up at a noodle shop that was completely different than yesterday’s noodle shop, but just as delicious.


On each table there was a pitcher of ice cold green tea. I am not a huge fan of green tea, but it was so cold and refreshing I think I drank a gallon of it. Michael held out for a cola and was pleased when they grout a Pepsi instead of a Coke. I blame his grandparents for such heresy.

To eat I had cold soba noodles and Michael said he enjoyed the hot soba today more than the Udon we had yesterday because it was more like the ramen he is used to. His came with thinly sliced pork that we would have called bacon if it had been crispier, so yum – bacon.

Once lunch was done we retreated back to the ryokan to rest and avoid the hottest part of the day. We plan on doing some exploring in our neighborhood and then we have plans to meet one of Janet’s friends for dinner in the Ginza.


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