Some more quick things

We found out today that the reason there are so few public garbage cans is because of terrorism. Somebody once put a bomb in a garbage can so the logical solution is of course to remove them all.

Whenever we go out to eat there is at least six of us and they only bring us one or two menus. I have lots of guesses as to why, but honestly can’t come up with I thin is a good reason for this. It makes deciding what to eat about four times harder than it needs to be.

Tonight we had Okonomiyaki for dinner and it was the first Japanese dish that I thought to myself, I could make this. It was a inch of different foods all fried together – egg, noodles, meat, cabbage, etc. it was really tasty and filling. Sarah and Max were not fans, but I would not have touched it when I was a kid so I can’t blame them too much.


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