The Events So Far

I am getting a little behind so I am going to catch up to present day before I finish the Tale of Fujisan. I apologize if the days get a little out of order, but I want to get things down before I forget.

Yesterday (Friday) we spent mostly traveling from Fuji station to Hiroshima. We got up just in time to eat a “western” breakfast to the business hotel. We stayed a few minutes past their cut off of 8:30, but the staff at the hotel was very nice to us. We took a taxi ride back to the Shinkansen line and had a nice long ride. Melanie slept almost the whole way, but I couldn’t get comfortable. We had a transfer at Osaka and most of us grabbed a bento box to eat one train. Michael balked at this and we were too tired to argue. He has been pretty decent abut trying things and both the girls have eaten or at least tried most things we put in front of them. Melanie seeks out new things and wants to try everything unless it has meat in it. It was a pretty low energy point for all of us and Sarah couldn’t decide on a bento that she that she thought he might eat so Kira got her some chicken nuggets. She doesn’t want to be treated like a kid, but she ate the nuggets. Melanie said the fries smelled to goo to resist and she managed to get a few away from her siblings. She lucked out with her bento and it didn’t have any meat in it.

While we waited for the transfer train to arrive Janet and the kids all went to down to get out of the heat. Kira and I decided to try and move all of our luggage further down the platform to be in line for the train. We couldn’t take all of the bags at once so we leap frogged taking half the bags a little further down the platform while we could still see the other half. I was less worried about leaving the bags out of sight than I was about someone reporting an unattended bag. We had to move the bags three or four times this way and when we got to the end we counted bags and there was one missing. Somehow we had missed Michael’s bag at one of our leaps. I walked back to the beginning. No suitcase. I knocked on the door of the office on the platform and asked a station employee trying to convey a lost suitcase. He just stared at me, shook his hand in a negative gesture and closed the door in my face. I got back to Kira and she remembered someone holding a bag like ours when we made one of stops with the bags. She thought maybe they had grabbed it by mistake. She went off to see if she could find Michael’s bag with all his clothes and souvenirs from both China and Japan. We were both starting to panic a little because we only had about 15 minutes to catch the train. There would be another one in an hour, but that would make the day even longer. Kira looked up and down the platform seeing a lot of black bags that looked like Michael’s, but none of them had his luggage tag. There was one bag that had a hat resting it that might be his. Kira went up to the bag and picked up the hat, showing the address to the woman who jumped up to see why this Gaijin was taking her suitcase. She was very apologetic when she saw the tag. Kira got back and then we started to worry when the train pulled in and the kids hadn’t found us on the platform. They arrived in plenty of time to get on and when we regaled them with our story of almost losing the suitcase I don’t think they quite realized how stressed we were. Michael claimed that he would have more concerned “if the bag was still missing.”

I certainly managed to stretch out a day where we did nothing into some very long paragraphs. If I was actually editing these posts I would go back and I muddle it and probably cut half of it.

When we got to Hiroshima we took a taxi to our hotel and after a short break we headed back to the train station on a street car to meet Janet’s friend Mariko for dinner. We had some very delicious Okonomiyaki for dinner and Mariko helped us find an international ATM.

I am still a day behind plus the climb down, but we are leaving the hotel so I’m going to post.


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