More random stuff I don’t want to forget

The story about Fuji focuses a lot on the getting dark part, but until we realized the climb down was going to take a long time we were having fun hiking up a mountain. It wasn’t easy, but it was something new for both of the girls and I was enjoying making for the top for the second time in my life. We got some great pictures that I’ll post eventually if I can find them. Also it was on the Fuji climb that I remembered I liked Pocari Sweat. I am going to have to look for that in the States.

Our first evening in Kyoto, before we had done anything in that city, the girls confessed that they thought two weeks was too long for a vacation. They didn’t use the words, “We want to go home,” but that is what it sounded like to me. A few nights before this Melanie was lamenting the forced time we all had to spend together. Being a fellow introvert I could relate, but I was not minding it at all. I was enjoying most of the extra time with My family. The climb down Fuji is something Sarah and I will always share. Also for a couple nights in the hotels we had three rooms with three double beds. It worked out that Michael and I were roommates for those two nights and we didn’t do much other than read and sleep, but it was fun. I got to know each of the kids a little better on this trip. Even having the girls agree abut the trip being too long was a moment I appreciated.

Meals where tough at times. There was a lot of strange food for everyone culminating with the whole little crabs we ate on the last night. An army travels on it’s stomach and when there are this many people involved we had to try and remember to eat before we got hungry. If you are by yourself you can skip a meal or two, but with the whole family there was always going to be someone hitting a point of low blood sugar. Michael probably had the hardest time and he acted out more than once when the options available looked like noodles with squid. We could usually find something for everyone once we went in to a place and sat down, but in the end everyone was tired of noodles and we never really liked the squid. Sarah did not find too many things that she liked, but she was always willing to at least try a little nibble. It was easy to forget that Michael had spent a week in China eating weird things before we got to Japan. I enjoyed the food in Japan which is probably evident from the blog posts, but I’m planning next weeks menu to be the following: Pizza, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Spaghetti, Tacos, Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy, hamburgers, Mac-n-cheese, and waffles.

It needs to be said that we couldn’t have done any of the things we did on this trip without all of Kira’s planning. She figured out all of the hotels, trains, planes, and automobiles. I tell myself that she is just better at those kinds of things, but that is a pretty weak excuse when compared to the amount of work she did. Thank you, dear!

There were several times that I wish my folks had been with us on this trip. For starters my dad is fairly fluent in Japanese. He may deny that if you ask him, but the few words I know all came back to me so I am guessing the same would have happened for him. A lot of my memories in Tokyo start with my family – even if they think I was never at home. Every first impression I had of Japan was with them. From thinking the tiny coke cans were weird when our taxi driver got us drinks on our first day there, to going out to ASIJ for the first time, to climbing Fuji. I like to believe that my mom and dad got some joy out of the assignment in Tokyo, but I know that it was a life altering event for me and I should probably thank them for it more often.

Ice coffee. Good Ice coffee is everywhere in Japan, why don’t we have this? Going along with this, why don’t we have the sugar syrup to put in old drinks. Everywhere we went had this as well.


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