Wednesday’s Cat

IMG_0925This past week I discovered a new Supermarket (or Supa) called the foodium  I’ve passed by it several times, but it is about a twenty-five minute walk from our apartment so I never considered it a convenient place for grocery shopping. Grocery stores in Japan are amazing places where the produce is always 100% fresh, you can get prepared food in the “deli section” both cheaper and higher quality than can be made in your own kitchen, and they will politely point out where the salt (shio) is when you are standing two feet away from it. The foodium takes all of that and combines it with everything you want in a western grocery store. It is well lit, has wide aisles, and more selections of products than most other supa. As an example our usual grocery store has exactly four different kinds of breakfast cereal; the foodium has nearly twenty. If all that isn’t enough the freezer section has motion detectors so that the lights inside the case turn on when you are in front of them.

And they have an amazing beer and wine selection. I think this was fun for me and Kira not just because it was a great find for our neighborhood, but also because putting our groceries and our wine in the same basket is a novelty for people who have lived in Minnesota for the last seventeen years. They had a decent selection of American beers, but I was more drawn to the Japanese craft beers, which is something that didn’t exist when I was here back in the 1980’s. I picked up two beers from Yo-Ho Brewing and after my long run yesterday I opened up the Suiyoubi no Neko (Wednesday’s Cat), a Belgian white beer. I am not a huge fan of Belgian’s and don’t like my beer to be too sour, but I really liked the name f this one so I had to give it a try. It is a very subtle beer and the first couple sips seemed to have no flavor. I took some bigger gulps and could taste a very light sour/citrous flavor. When I was about half way through the beer the flavor had grown on me and I could see buying this one again – maybe in the summer. I think the sour also worked well because the snack I chose to go with them, Shoyumame, are very sweet, but I’ll write about those in another post.



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