Tokyo Black

IMG_0938Last night I broke out the second of my Yo-Ho beers, Tokyo Black. I knew I was going to have it with a meal because I enjoy dark beers with food. While I am sure I would enjoy this beer with Japanese food I decided to go with a classic hamburger. Mostly because I’ve been craving a hamburger for a few days because I was going to have one on Friday, but ended up with Soba instead. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but this hamburger is smaller than a typical American burger, because (say it with me), “Everything is smaller in Japan.” I ran 25k this past weekend so I ate two of these mini-burgers which was still probably less than a large burger from an American restaurant. The reason for the size of the burgers isn’t because of the lack of ground beef (I used meat that I purchased at Costco and froze a couple weeks ago), but because I was unable to find hamburger buns. This burger is on a dinner roll and I had to look for a while to find a dinner rolls that didn’t have globs of fake butter in the middle. A trend that I just don’t understand on many levels; who wants this? Also, how do they get the butter to stay in the middle of the roll. Bun issues aside the burger was exactly what I was looking for and having a dark coffee-flavored porter to wash it down was just about perfect.

After having only two beers from Yo-Ho brewery I have decided that they make boring beers. But they are perfectly boring beers. If I asked you to imagine a very dark porter and handed you the Tokyo Black it would taste exactly like you expected. Just as the Wednesday’s Cat tasted exactly like I expect a Belgian Wheat to taste. It means there are no surprises so far from Yo-Ho, but they have hit these flavors so precisely I can’t help but enjoy them.



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