Nah NoWriMo

Before I started writing this month I came up with a list of ideas for a novel. These are the top 10 ideas I rejected but liked.

My Top 10 Rejected NaNoWriMo Ideas

  1. Epic Fantasy about a group of ragtag adventures on a quest
  2. Muggle in a Muggle Land (Extraterrestrial visits earth. Finds Wizards)
  3. Jesus as Time Traveler / Jesus as Space Alien
  4. Apocalyptic Future – Climate
  5. Mid-life in Japan (semi-autobiographical)
  6. Superhero in Japan (wishful-autobiographical)
  7. Apocalyptic Future – Zombies
  8. Apocalyptic Future – Trump
  9. Space Explorers (a star trek, but not Star Trek)
  10. The Butler Did I.T. (Agatha Christie meets Cory Doctorow)

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