About Us


In real life, I’m a professor at the University of Minnesota, teaching genetics to unsuspecting undergraduates and running a research lab investigating mutation and DNA repair.  As my Twitter profile (@Corucia44) says, “If I were in a comic book, I’d be the walk-on mad scientist who accidentally mutates himself into a monster, leading to the obligatory fight with the hero”.  I purchase entirely too many books, and collect comics, comic art, lenticular movie posters, and signed Will Eisner books.  I was once commissioned to write a book on turtles (it’s still available on Amazon) and I have way too many pop songs from the 70s and 80s stuck in my head for it to be healthy.


I am a slightly abashed geek, but realizing that I enjoy that side of me more as I get older. I am married and I have three kids. I enjoy cooking, but I hate doing the dishes. By day I am a database geek using SQL Server to move data around and on the weekends I am a wannabe renegade chef.

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