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Beer Review: Stone Levitation Ale

This week’s beer for movie night was the Stone Brewery’s Levitation Ale.  It’s a rather heavy ale, with a bitter edge to it.  Strong ales are not my favorite beer, so this one already had a lot to overcome to get my recommendation.  In the end, I thought it was a nice example of an ale, with a lot of character and a nice malt flavor to it.  While it’ll never be a favorite, I could drink this beer again, which is more than I say for a lot of ales.



Drinking Week #5: Vanilla Rum, Part 2

In the last Drinking Week post, I described the first steps in making Vanilla Rum.  This week, I’ll finish up the process.

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Beer Review: Cerveza Pacifico Clara

This week’s beer was a Mexican import – Cerveza Pacifico Clara.  It’s a very light Pilsner style with a lot of similarity to Corona, the Mexican beer seen more widely around here.  In taste, Pacifico is a bit heavier and has a bit more depth to it than Corona, although both are on the watery end of the spectrum.  Pacifico was an appropriate accompaniment to our movie, and the salsa that I made up for movie night.  I liked the beer well enough, and would rank it slightly ahead of Corona.  It’s best consumed cold – I found it has a bit of an aftertaste that I didn’t care for, once it gets to room temperature (although room temperature is quite a bit hotter than normal right now in Minnesota!).  All in all, an okay beer, especially when served very cold along with spicy food.

Drinking Week #4: Vanilla Rum, Part 1

This post is by necessity going to be brief and incomplete.  For our very first Drinks Week a few months ago I posted my method for making limoncello.  The other liqueur that I make on a regular basis is a Vanilla Rum.  It’s a nice sipping rum, with lots of vanilla flavor.  This post will detail the start of the procedure, and next month I’ll finish up the batch I’m starting here.

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Beer Review: Obsidian Stout

This week’s random beer selection is Obsidian Stout, made by Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon.  This stout is a rich, dark brew, with lots of flavor.  I’m fond of dark stouts, especially if there’s notes of coffee and chocolate.  This beer certainly fits the bill – those are present, although on the subtle side.  While much thicker and richer than our last random selection, the Sawtooth Ale, this beer isn’t too heavy (at least in my opinion).  I usually like my beers on the cold side, but the flavors in the Obsidian Stout come through better when it is only cool, rather than cold.  Mike and I sampled the stout while watching a movie, and the beer improved as the movie went on.  (Of course, I’ve found that for most beers, the first beer often makes the second beer taste better, which helps with the third beer, and so on until it really doesn’t matter what the beer tastes like.)  However, once it gets to room temperature, it’s a bit too bitter for my taste.  While this wasn’t my perfect stout, it was nice enough that I’m likely to pick up more of it when I’m in the mood for a dark beer.

Not So Strange Brew

It seemed right to make the Libations part of the blog a little laid back. Along those lines David and I thought it would be fun to simply  review a beer or cocktail that we’d never tried before. We might also write about alcohol related projects that we are working on. David is working on a new batch of Limoncello and in theory I am going to brew some beer. I got a great starter kit for Christmas and went through all of the weird tubes and buckets back in January, but never got any further. I even watched a good chunk of the instructional video put together by the fine folks at Midwest Brewing Supplies. I hope to be further along next time we blog about drinking.

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Beer review: Sawtooth Ale

This week’s random beer selection is Sawtooth Ale, made by Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colorado.  Sawtooth is a nice ale – not too heavy, but with enough body to be interesting.  It’s also light enough to complement foods without being intrusive.  It’s a relatively medium-bodied ale, with solid amber coloring.  This isn’t a beer that you pull out to impress people, but it is a beer that you will keep coming back to.  Sawtooth strikes me as an excellent beer for drinking with snacks while watching a blow-em-up action flick when you really need to relax after a long workday.  I liked it, and will pick up more six-packs in the future.