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Wednesday’s Cat

IMG_0925This past week I discovered a new Supermarket (or Supa) called the foodium  I’ve passed by it several times, but it is about a twenty-five minute walk from our apartment so I never considered it a convenient place for grocery shopping. Grocery stores in Japan are amazing places where the produce is always 100% fresh, you can get prepared food in the “deli section” both cheaper and higher quality than can be made in your own kitchen, and they will politely point out where the salt (shio) is when you are standing two feet away from it. The foodium takes all of that and combines it with everything you want in a western grocery store. It is well lit, has wide aisles, and more selections of products than most other supa. As an example our usual grocery store has exactly four different kinds of breakfast cereal; the foodium has nearly twenty. If all that isn’t enough the freezer section has motion detectors so that the lights inside the case turn on when you are in front of them. Read More…


Movie Week: Resident Evil: Retribution

For this Movie Week, Mike and I decided on a B-movie – Resident Evil: Retribution.  Recently we’ve been reviewing blockbusters, and felt that we should try something more along the lines of our prior ‘Ghost Rider’ viewing (Mike’s review, my review).  I’ve long had a guilty liking of the Resident Evil series, and there was a new one coming out….

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A Movie that is a Game, A Game that is a Movie

For our seventh movie review we decided to go and see the latest installment of the Resident Evil series – Resident Evil: Retribution. I’ll begin by saying that prior to this decision I had never watched any of the movies or seen any of the video games. To prepare we used our most recent beer and a movie to watch the first Resident Evil movie and much to my relief I discovered it was about zombies (mostly). Zombies I can relate to. I’m not going to digress here with a review of the first movie, there are plenty of those out there if you want to read about it, but many of the things I will complain…er..comment about will probably apply to both movies.
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A Movie Trio Review

The last few months, Mike and I have been watching a set of related movies as part of our beer reviews.  After all, when you’re drinking beer, it helps to be watching a good movie too.  We started off with Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo, then watched Sergio Leone’s A Fistful of Dollars, and concluded with Walter Hill’s Last Man Standing.  For those who aren’t familiar with all of the films, they’re all the same story, just re-cast in different eras.

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Beer Review: Stone Levitation Ale

This week’s beer for movie night was the Stone Brewery’s Levitation Ale.  It’s a rather heavy ale, with a bitter edge to it.  Strong ales are not my favorite beer, so this one already had a lot to overcome to get my recommendation.  In the end, I thought it was a nice example of an ale, with a lot of character and a nice malt flavor to it.  While it’ll never be a favorite, I could drink this beer again, which is more than I say for a lot of ales.


Reading Week #6: ‘Thieftaker’ by D. B. Jackson

It was Mike’s turn to pick our reading material, and he suggested D. B. Jackson’s ‘Thieftaker’.  I’d seen a few blurbs about it on the web, and the general premise seemed intriguing.  I found it to be a fast-paced read, with interesting situation and some compelling characters.

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Eating Week #6: Restaurants on the Road

Usually Mike and I do a restaurant review, but the last month or so has been so busy for both of us that we couldn’t find an evening in which everyone was free to dine out.  In large part this situation was due to both of our families taking vacation trips.  So, Mike and I agreed that we’d each individually review some of the places that we ate during our trips.

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