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Sleeping is the Best!

Good Morning Tokyo!

We are all well rested and heading down for breakfast soon. Thought I would use some of my now firing brain synapses to finish the story of the first day.

The train ride from the airport was more than an hour. During this time my brain was fighting with the impression of being someplace both foreign and familiar. The advertisements were all in Japanese, but that made sense. The disembodied heads on the pink banners claiming the many benefits of peach yogurt seemed perfectly normal. The school girls giggling and the elderly lady i’d never met sleeping with her head not quite on my shoulder all seemed normal. It was more like time travel than air travel. Read More…


Tokyo – Day One, I Think

I am sitting on the floor in a ryokan in Tokyo as I write this. I am using an iPad so I am going to use that as my excuse for all the typos. The real excuse is that I am working on about 3 hours of sleep. I also decided that getting things “down on paper” was more important than editing.

The journey started about 25 hours ago. Kira woke me up and my first reaction was that I had slept through my alarm and i needed to get to work. Then I remembered that I was on vacation. Then I remembered we had a flight to catch. Read More…