Why 5×2?

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After collaborating on cooking and blogging together a few times in 2011 David and I had discussed working on something together for 2012. At first it didn’t seem like a serious idea, but throughout the year each of us would bring it up. When we talked it seemed clear it would be a blog about cooking (and eating!), but we also share several other interests. We started discussing several other ideas (cooking, science fiction, movie reviews, etc), but I couldn’t decide which would be more enjoyable. Then we hit upon the idea of rotating through different topics. We wanted to write a post about once a week so each week we decided to have a different subject. Originally there were four topics – Cooking, Movies,Restaurants, and Book Reviews.

Then David had an idea that I can only describe as genius. We would have a fifth subject: Libations.

We met in early January and he revealed this idea to me as we planned our blogging for 2012. Once we had our five topics we needed to come up with a name. There are two of us and five topics, so, 5×2. It’s a little geeky because it looks like math. 5×2 = 10 which is two in binary and that is the punchline for one of my favorite T-Shirts. Also the name has an ‘x’ in it so it’s kind of sexy, too.

The goal will be for each of us to post once a week with our thoughts and views on whatever it is we have decided to cook, watch, eat, read or drink (in that order). In an effort to keep things current we are hoping we can convince our kids/spouses to post every now and again as well. It should be a lot of fun.



3 responses to “Why 5×2?”

  1. Aloha says :

    Sounds like an awesome project! I’m looking forward to reading about your exploits. Best of luck to both of you!

  2. The Hook says :

    Good luck, fellas! The future looks bright!

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