About the Categories

The first category in the 5×2 Blog is Cooking.  No big surprise there, as cooking took up a huge part of Mike’s life last year.  There was little chance he could quit cold turkey – after getting them hooked on all those wonderful Hell’s Kitchen dishes, the rest of the Donnellys wouldn’t let that happen!  Both Mike and David enjoy cooking, and this part of the blog will let us cook some of our favorite meals.  Unlike the Mike/Mitch Project, we’ll be posting more details about the recipes that we use, so any of our readers can follow along at home if they wish!

The second category in the 5×2 Blog is Watching.  Movies!  Sometimes, the best way to finish off a long day is to watch a great movie.  We’ll be covering new releases and old favorites.  As we aren’t beholden to anyone, our reviews will be wide-ranging and eclectic.  Given our preferences, expect to see science fiction, fantasy and action movies – we’ll leave the romance movies to Catherine and Kira (guest bloggers are always welcome).

The third category in the 5×2 Blog is Eating.  How does Eating differ from Cooking?  Simple – restaurant reviews!  We’re giving ourselves an excuse to go out to dinner once a month or so.  We plan on visiting our old favorites in the Twin Cities, but will also try out some restaurants that are new to us.  As the 5×2 Blog budget has been dramatically impacted by the current economic climate (i.e. it’s non-existent, but sponsors are welcome), we’ll be reviewing a range of affordable places, with an emphasis on Good & Tasty over Trendy & Pricey.

The fourth category in the 5×2 Blog is Reading.  Both David and Mike read a lot, often some strain of science fiction or fantasy.  David’s also fond of mysteries and horror, while Mike claims he’s never met a book he wouldn’t read.  We plan on reading the same book, and posting our independent reviews.  If we’re in horrible disagreement, we might do a round of rebuttals…

The fifth and final category in the 5×2 Blog is Drinking.  In this section we’ll be dealing with libations of all sorts, from our home brews and attempts at liquors to reviews of beers or scotch tastings.

– David


One response to “About the Categories”

  1. The Hook says :

    This sounds awesome! Casting a wide category net should give you plenty of room to spread your blogging wings!

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