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Where’s My Spoon?

This review is going to be difficult for me to write because I don’t know what I was eating when we went to Fasika, an Ethiopian restaurant in Saint Paul. I can describe the dishes, but it is an odd feeling to not know the name of the thing you are eating. Here is what I do know. For not a lot of money you can get a huge meal of tasty food.

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Eating Week #3: Fasika

Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant

The restaurant review this time is the Ethiopian restaurant Fasika, located at 510 Snelling Avenue, just north of University Ave in Saint Paul.  Catherine and I first started eating Ethiopian dishes while at school in Boston, and we were delighted to find a good Ethiopian restaurant in the Twin Cities.

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Hunger Games, Another Guest Review

A guest review by Melanie.

After devouring the first two books of the Hunger Games saga -and nibbling on the third- I was pretty excited for the release of the movie adaptation. My friends and I laughed at and applauded the casting choices months in advance. I even tried to convince my parental units to let me see the midnight release of it. However, I ended up having far better things to do that weekend, and I instead saw the film with my family and the Kirkpatricks the following week. But there was a catch…..(ing Fire).

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Hungry Like the Kat

Katniss's Favorite Lamb Stew

They didn’t seem very hungry.

I know that any review of the Hunger Games is going to involve a comparison to the book so I might as well start there. In the book by Suzanne Collins food plays a much more important role than in the movie. Don’t get me wrong there are some great scenes showing pictures of food on the big screen, but it doesn’t have the same emotional impact as the food did in the book. Hunger was a very real part of Katniss’s life in District 12 and feeding herself and her sister defined who she was. Sure she was a hunter, but she was more importantly a provider. The only hint of not having enough food in the movie is the flashback scene where Peeta throws the bread over to Katniss. It lacked punch for the very reason that we couldn’t remember why Katniss might be hungry. Read More…

‘The Hunger Games’ Guest Review

A guest review by Alia, after watching ‘The Hunger Games’ with her family and the Donnellys.

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Movie Week #3: The Hunger Games

Both Mike and I have young daughters just entering their teens.  Given that statement, it should come as no surprise to hear that the movie we’re reviewing this week is ‘The Hunger Games’.  Not quite as towering a presence in the YA literature world as ‘Harry Potter’ (but heading that way!), the first book in Suzanne Collins’ immensely popular trilogy is now the first runaway blockbuster of the season, managing to stay atop the charts for multiple weeks.  So…. how was it?

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The King of Stews

I have cooked boeuf bourguignon. Once. It was delicious.

David cooks boeuf bourguignon. Regularly. Not just for special occasions. See the difference. He knows what he is doing when he prepares this meal. I think the decision for this to be the next cooking blog went something like this.

David : I haven’t made beef in burgundy yet this win—-

Mike: Yes.
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